Our Approach

We approach wedding flowers as an artful medium to tell your love story.  Your flowers will be beautiful, seasonal, and fresh, but more importantly, they will mirror the graceful way your gown flows, or the organic movement of the long grass surrounding your ceremony site.  Our designs are at once ethereal and timeless, organic and architectural, and are always created with the intention of telling your story.  We do this by getting to know you, learning what makes you laugh, what makes your eyes light up, what reflects each of you, and the pair of you together.  Your floral story is played out by bringing together romantic, full blooms, wandering vines, heavily fruited branches, and fluttering bits, arranged in our ever-growing collection of vases, urns, and compotes.  Our event design services help you personalize your entire wedding experience from the stationary that your guests receive as their introduction to your wedding, to advising on attire, to sourcing linens and rentals, and of course integrating thoughtfully designed flowers to create a cohesive and individualized day that speaks to your unique story.

A little about Amy:

Her love for flowers runs deep and true.  She grew up in her mom’s, grandfather’s and great-grandfather’s gardens, learning how to grow flowers, and more importantly, how to pick and arrange them.  This is where the name Gather comes from – Amy has always been good at what her family broadly terms “hunting and gathering.”  She was the kid who couldn’t pull herself out of the blackberry patch where she wanted to pick just one more berry, or away from the beach where she spent hours collecting the tiniest, wave-polished pebbles which she called jewels.  On a trip through Europe, she managed to gather upwards of forty pounds of rocks from beaches she and her husband walked.  She takes the same care in gathering unique pieces for her collection and seeking out the most luscious seasonal blooms for her clients.  Amy believes in letting flowers shine as they do in nature: dancing and delighting in their own loveliness, highlighted and supported by every other bit of foliage and flowers in an arrangement.

Equally as important as creating beautiful events, Amy is committed to sourcing seasonal, locally grown flowers, which cares for our shared earth and also supports other family businesses.